319 Non-Point Source Pollution Control Grant 2022-24

Construction completed as of November, 2023!  Planting workshops being planned.

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In 2021, the Town of Carrboro collaborated with neighborhoods in the Bolin Creek Watershed to apply for a Section 319 Non-Point Source Pollution Control Grant. The grant was selected for funding by the North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality (NCDEQ) and Carrboro's Town Council passed a resolution accepting the grant in January 2022.

The grant provides federal funding in support of the following:

  • Stabilize eroding ephemeral channels and adjacent areas. Land use in the Bolin Creek watershed is dominated by single-family residential neighborhoods; erosion concerns are a driver of water quality issues in the watershed.
  • Provide educational outreach to neighbors and other interested partners. Project Partners (North Carolina State University Cooperative Extension, Friends of Bolin Creek, and others) will plan for and offer educational workshops for neighbors and interested residents on how to better protect the health of streams and manage stormwater on their properties.
  • Add native vegetation to streambank and eroded areas. An additional grant through the Orange County Soil and Water Conservation District supports purchasing plants, mulch and other strategically chosen vegetation to re-plant eroded areas and prevent further erosion.
  • Show what is possible with community collaboration. With the support of 5 Homeowners' Associations, 2 universities, 2 independent agencies, a nonprofit and a school teacher, this project will show that a common goal can be achieved with support from the community.

Strategy and Timeline:

Construction will consist of stabilizing stream channels and adding a regenerative stormwater conveyance to prevent further erosion. Specifically, pipe outlet baffles and boulder/riprap step pools will be placed at the outlet discharging stormwater.

Work on the grant began in the Spring of 2022 and has proceeded per the following timeline:

  • 2022: 
    • Contracted for topographic survey(s) and engineering design
    • Plan for/begin public education workshops and actions by HOAs and homeowners
    • Determined and executed necessary agreements between project partners
  • 2023
    • Completed engineering design (winter/spring)
    • Released construction bid; executed construction contract (spring/summer)
    • Complete construction (fall)
  • 2023-24
    • Conduct plantings (winter)
    • Replacement plantings,  workshops
    • Grant closeout

Public education and action on HOA and homeowner properties will continue throughout the grant period. 


The following partners have generously pledged to support the grant with contributions of cash or in-kind support including volunteer time, professional services or consultation, intern hours, and the development of educational workshops.

  • Bolin Forest HOAs
  • Forest Court HOA
  • Ironwoods HOA
  • Orange Water and Sewer Authority
  • Orange County Soil and Water Conservation District
  • NC State Cooperative Extension Service
  • Friends of Bolin Creek
  • UNC Institute of Environment Eco Studio
  • Stefan Klakovich, Carrboro High School teacher

Further Reading:

For more information, check out a PDF slideshow of a community meeting given in December 2021 to partner HOA members. Also be sure to read more about Bolin Creek and all the watershed restoration efforts at the Carrboro's Creeks webpage.